Dating Tales Discussion: Where’s the Substance?



I am constantly amazed at the superficiality in the dating world.  My girlfriends and I like to have Sex and the City discussions about the chaotic state of love, lust and all things related.  I wonder how anyone expects to have a deep, fulfilling relationship when there is no real substance?

What do I mean by substance?  In my opinion, relationship substance should consist of a genuine effort to get to know one another to see if it can progress into something more.  Unfortunately, the majority of people lack the depth required to achieve any semblance of what I deem is worthy of relationship pursuits.  The world seems to be on fast forward.  No one wants to slow down, build a foundation and allow the natural course of events to take place.  They are too busy projecting unrealistic expectations onto one another and seeking validation from empty social media comments – thanks a lot Instagram and the like (rolling my eyes).  It is sad that so little effort is put forth to develop healthy interests in each other.

I could go on and on but the new vision for Dating Tales is to allow my followers to sound off on their own dating tales.  What do you find wrong with the current climate of dating?  Where do necessary changes need to be made?  Feel free to leave your comments below and just a friendly reminder to remain respectful.

Until next time, try to focus on substance not the surface.

~ Author Mara Prose

PS I just want you all to know I have heard your requests and in January 2017, I will restart our evening Twitter discussions.  🙂

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