Daddy, I love you…

Today is always a hard day for me. So I’m dedicating this day to my Daddy, who is resting in peace. ~ Mara Prose

Mara Prose Publishing


Daddy you are on my mind

Daddy you were one of a kind

You made me who I am today

You said for me to always pray

I miss your stories and our long chats

I miss the way you made me laugh

I feel like I am walking in a dream

But I know you wouldn’t want me to be that extreme

Oh Daddy, I wish that you were still here

We had so many plans for next year

All I can do now is carry on your legacy

And rest in the knowledge that you are at peace

I am grateful I have another angel up there on my side

I know all this pain will eventually subside

And one day soon, I will be right next to you

Walking through paradise just like we always knew

I love you dear Daddy, may God rest your soul


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