Tuesday Thoughts With Mara Prose: When Lightning Strikes

when lightening strikes mara prose.jpg


I’ve started to power walk in the mornings again, and during those walks I pray and meditate.  It helps me to clear my mind and focus.  I have been extremely frustrated lately and I need something constructive to help me alleviate these feelings.  There are so many amazing opportunities and changes on the horizon, but I am in a hurry up and wait state right now.  It is driving me insane!  I feel like I am in limbo about several things I actually wanted resolved before the new year.  This limbo is strangling me and causing unnecessary anxiety that my girlfriends are trying to help me work through.  They want me to see the big picture and know that I am actually OK and doing better than most.  Without my daily walks, I would overanalyze myself into madness.

Today, I decided I am going to wait for lightning to strike – my AHA moment so to speak.  It is that moment that hits me out of the blue that brings clarity and an end to all my frustrating over-analysis.  It generally comes with the message “Aha!  So that was the damn point of it all.”  LOL!

My walks were never really about basic exercise; that is a small part of it truthfully.  They force me to slow down, stop operating on 10 and patiently work through any issues I am facing.  I’ve learned it is not about what I want or desire, it is all about God’s plan for me.  In order to remain in line with His calling, I have to sit back and wait for that bolt of lightning He sends.  He always gives me glimpses of what can be, what will be and what I am destined to become.  I just struggle with adhering to his time schedule.  If I don’t slow down and take a step back, I risk missing it all trying to rush the process.  I cannot operate on my own terms, they do not solely belong to me.  I get in trouble when I forget this small fact.

So today’s thoughts are more action based.  I am releasing everything I am in limbo about, concerned about and anxious about and placing it all into the capable of hands of my Heavenly Father.  What will be, will be.  I recommend you do the same.

~ Author Mara Prose

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