Catching feelings…

It’s Dating Tales Wednesday! And due to time constraints and the fact that this blog post is still my most popular post to date, I felt it was perfect for today’s message. Enjoy!

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I was always told by my grandfather to find a man that loved me more so I would always have a true love surrounding me.  As I listen to my single friends, and their horror stories of the current dating scene, I am starting to wonder if it is even possible to find true love anymore.

Growing up, I believed my grandfather wholeheartedly but experience has since taught me that he was wrong.  If you cannot love someone the way they love you, then why even pursue the relationship?

I think it is unfortunate that we have all been programmed to have unrealistic expectations about love, dating and marriage.  Fairy tales don’t exist and unfortunately, when that fact is realized, people tend to become jaded.

Nowadays, it is all about hooking up, playing games and no matter how intimate the relationship, ensuring that everyone understands it is just a friendship.  God…

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