A Man for All Seasons (A Mara Prose Dedication Poem)

Death ☹️

Mara Prose Publishing

Title A Man for All Seasons (1966)

Picture courtesy of https://www.movie-dude.co.uk

This poem is dedicated to my Uncle Claude Terry, may he rest in peace.

He was a man for all seasons and it stood to reasonthat he would be admired and respected for all of his days

His courage and strength in his last remaining dayswere not without dignity and grace

He was a mover and shaker
A maker of all things greater

He overcame strife to live a prosperous life
and happily boasted of his prosperity

It was not done in conceit nor to compete, he simply did it for our posterity
Despite his memories starting to slip away, they could never erase the happiest of days

He often would vanish into his own world

And although at times these vanishings left him in a foggy haze,our Claude never driftedtoo far away

Until one day the Lord said it’s time my child for you…

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