This Is My Path (A Mara Prose Poem)

New beginnings 😊👌🏽

Mara Prose Publishing


I never thought I’d see the day
Where our love would ebb and go away

I always thought we would be one
I never thought we’d be undone

I always imagined a storybook ending
I never knew we would be past mending

Was it worth it? Who knows,
It’s still being written

There are times I’m lonely but then there
are times remotely, I feel a sense of peace,
wonder and refined emotion

Because now I have a new lease on life
Now I have a world without strife

I’ve said my goodbyes much to everyone’s surprise
I’ve cried my tears and dried my eyes

I’m mending my heart and learning to live apart
Will I love again? Maybe, I could start

My priorities lie in loving myself
I don’t have to change anymore
I can just be thyself

I let it all go because it was what was best for me

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