There’s A Time And A Place (A Mara Prose Poem)

Curiosity 😊👌🏽

Mara Prose Publishing


You’ve peaked my interest, that is plain to see
At a time of independence, at a time for just me
I’m trying not to think about you but I simply
can’t resist it

Go away I say but no come back
Hmmm., do I see where it leads and cut you
some slack?
Can’t say I am ready for all that
There’s still too much to do
But you have caught my eye
But I can’t make you my boo

The timing is all wrong but you sing a pretty song
It’s tempting me to test those waters
It’s tempting me to take it farther

Go away I say but no come back
Can’t we just stay friends or will
we get off track?

So go away I say but no please come back
Don’t stray too far but don’t push too hard
For now, just be patient and let…

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