Mara Prose 5 Weeks of Reflections

Healing – Letting Go

At 40, I find myself finally healing from all hurts from the past.  I am letting go of my baggage and starting a new life.  I am finally facing all that has ever hurt or caused me anguish.  There were certain areas where I was deluding myself and clinging to a hope of restoration that is simply never meant to be.  I have allowed my friends to support me through these hurts, whereas in the past, I would simply repress it.

I’ve simply learned the art of letting go.  It is not an easy task to simply let be what will be.  However, it is freeing.  It was beyond painful finally facing so many situations that I had chose not to face over the years.  There were relationships that needed to be mended and certain individuals where I needed to initiate closure.  There were certain truths about myself that I needed to own up to and I am proud of that accomplishment.  I have done it all and I am wiser, more grounded and happier for it.

I encourage my Prosers to face your fears; to face all that holds you back and keeps you from becoming the best version of yourself.  Identify those individuals who prey on you and purposely want you to fail and let them go.  Don’t be afraid that you will be alone because God will replace them with the right people who need to be in your life.  Have courage, hold on, you can get through any difficulty that comes your way.  Just never give up and keep marching ahead despite the setbacks that are inevitable and the tough decisions that will come your way.  Remember, we all can do anything we put our mind to; we were born to succeed in our purpose.

I hope you have enjoyed my reflections and they have helped you in some form or fashion.

Until next time,

Mara Prose


2 responses to “Mara Prose 5 Weeks of Reflections”

  1. I understand what you mean. Letting go of the past sounds easy, but it is one of the toughest things to do. In fact, I’ve spent three decades doing so. Good luck on your journey!

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