You said forever…(A Mara Prose Poem)

You said forever

You said we’d never be apart

But when the tide started flooding

You quickly made your depart

You said for better or worse

You said it’s us against the world

But when I needed you the most

You suddenly went ghost

You said forever, we’d always be one

You said I got your back but

I guess I never really knew jack

Because where were you when I fell flat?

What kind of love makes you turn your back so coldly?

Especially after promising that I’d be your only

It’s hard to fathom that we are no more

All because you had to settle a score

Til death do us part huh

What a mockery you made of that

But you said forever

Everyone says ‘say it ain’t so’

But you went somewhere I just could not go

What happened to the man who cherished me so

What happened to the man who I could easily follow

What happened to the man that I pledged my love to

Oh where, oh where did he go?

But you said forever, you let me go without a second glance

And now there’s no second chance

Because I’m a different woman and you’re a different man and this just wasn’t the plan

I’m on to new beginnings, where I thought you’d be too

I’m on a different path, one where I’m broken but renewed

It feels so unreal that I just had to flee

Can’t believe that we just can’t be

We were supposed to last

We were supposed to amass

We were supposed to surpass

But you let me down

Now we don’t even come around

It’s tragic really, two soul mates lost from each other

But I’m positive God will bring me another

So I close this chapter with a tear in my eye as I begrudgingly say goodbye

I’ll always cherish the memories

I’ll always celebrate our history

The years we made it were no small feat

It’s too bad we ended in defeat

But I love you truly and I always will

It’s just that love is not strong enough since it all went downhill

I wish you the best my love, I sincerely do

To the love of my life, I make the sacrifice so you can find what you need;

so you can finally succeed

I am soaring without you and it is so bittersweet

I wish you could get to know the woman who has landed on her feet

You are missing out on the best version of me, I’m making new strides that you will never

really see

It’s odd you couldn’t adapt to this me, she’s so much better than what you used to see

I never thought we’d outgrow each other, it’s too bad we are both headed to another

But I accept it, and I don’t contest it, there’s nothing left to mention

But you said forever…

2 responses to “You said forever…(A Mara Prose Poem)”

  1. Emmaline Gilbert Avatar
    Emmaline Gilbert

    Wow love it

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