You Can’t Tame Me (A Mara Prose Poem)

There one day and gone the next
Nothing but a beautiful memory was left
I read the texts but now they make no sense,
so I’ve slowly done away with them

Was it a lesson learned? Maybe  Should I feel burned? Nah baby
Or should I just accept it?
The problem is, you can’t tie me down
I won’t allow you to make me frown
It simply wasn’t long enough to affect me

See, I took a chance on a romance and let you sell your fantasy
But your face quickly fell, and you reneged on the sell and we began to see the real deal
And then I woke up, realized my wings were stuck and that I needed to fly away

So we clashed and I tried to mend the gashes in the relationship we were trying to form.  But then I realized I don’t have any ties and it wasn’t worth the agonize.

You wanted to hide my light that is shining so bright because you couldn’t handle the glow.  But didn’t you know, didn’t I tell you so, I was never meant to be tamed.

You can’t tame me.  I am not meant to be caged.  You can’t tame me.
I won’t bend to your rage.  There is no meekness within me
and you misunderstood clearly and I am sorry you had to go.

I’m an eagle soaring here, there and everywhere.  Too bad you are no longer a care.  It is nice to be free, it is nice that I can flee, whenever the mood suits me.

Because I am looking for that someone that can match my blaze, where we will fall into a blissful haze, for days and days; who will never go away.  There will be no need to tame me because he will be the same as me.  That man will be my destiny.

~ Mara Prose

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