Why Can’t I…(A Mara Prose Poem)

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Happy Mara Prose Monday!  It has been a minute since I last posted.  This poem came to mind from a conversation I had with a very close friend who is having trouble in the dating world.  The verbiage “How many frogs do I have to kiss?” is uniquely hers and I just had to include it.  Of course, I have added my own flare to the poem, so I hope all my Prosers will enjoy it as much as they enjoy my other poems.

Why can’t I want the man that wants me
Why can’t I see in me what they see
Why do I gravitate towards the same type of men
The ones that are no good for me and make
all these demands

How many frogs do I have to kiss, before I find
my one true prince
Tired of all the disappointments
Tired of never knowing
Is it real, is it fake
It’s just too much to take

I’m attracted to the Mr. Big’s in life
The ones that bring so much strife
Hot one minute and cold the next
Can someone please explain this context?

My friends tell me it is the challenge that I love
They claim I love the thrill of the chase
But if that is the case, I am sick of falling
flat on my face

Why can’t I want the men that fall to their knees?
The ones that say baby be mine please?
The ones that have proven their loyalty for years
The ones that wipe away my tears when the Mr. Bigs
leave me with fears

Fears that all love is lost
Fears that I’m paying  a big cost
Fears that no one will ever get me
Fears that companionship is a faint memory

I told my girls it’s s the solo life for me
There are just too many places that I have to be
It would be too hard for any man to follow
I would simply leave him feeling hollow

So why can’t I want the men that want me?
It’s simple, it is because I have standards and I’m just meant to be free.

~ Mara Prose


3 responses to “Why Can’t I…(A Mara Prose Poem)”

  1. You have just summed up the dating world many of us! Love this one Mara!

  2. Loved it. You are very gifted.

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