Momma, I apologize…(A Mara Prose Poem)

Momma, I apologize for all the tears I made you cry
I regret all the unnecessary good-byes
And for all the times I told you lies

It’s taken me too long to appreciate your wisdom
It’s been too long of me playing the victim
For many years, there has been a void in my soul
I did not know it simply took you to make me whole

It took a travesty to bring me to my senses
It took humility to realize only you could mend me
It’s so nice to cherish you at last
It’s wonderful rebuilding our bond, I am having a blast

I thought I could make it in this life without you
I finally learned that is so untrue
Momma, you are my inspiration
I realize now I am your creation

I’ve patterned my life after yours
I’ve kept you with me even in the downpours
I want our reconciliation to last forever
It is because it is you I truly treasure

So now, I thank you
Thank you for being my hero
Thank you for being my light
Thank you for forgiving my spite
Thank you for helping me heal
It’s been hard, but you have made my life ideal

I love you Momma, I hope you see
That I’ve changed for the better and I am loving this ‘ME’
I am becoming the woman you always wanted me to be
Thank you, Momma, I am truly grateful for thee

~ Author Mara Prose

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