I used to say to myself that regrets are just a part of life and there is not much you can do about them.  I believed that everything I ever did in my life was exactly what I wanted to do and was supposed to do, but boy did I rack up regrets with this mindset.  Feelings always guided my actions, and I now realize that was wrong.  Feelings are fickle and unreliable. 

Judah Smith – Don’t Follow Your Feelings

With age and wisdom, I have learned to embrace my regrets. I actually have no regrets now and believe it is pointless to regret anything. Everything we do is a lesson and divinely designed to push us more towards our purpose. I used to spend a lot of time looking back, analyzing and trying to figure out what went wrong. Now, I do look back, but only to ascertain the lesson that I was supposed to learn and then I move on. Because there is so much life to live, and I don’t want to miss a thing. If I continue to look back, I miss what is in front of me. As Joyce Meyers often says, you have to enjoy everyday life and that is exactly what I am doing.

 Life has a funny way of showing you just how foolish you are at the strangest times (believe me, the lessons learned rarely occur at a convenient time).  I certainly cannot go back and correct all my wrongs, but I can definitely ensure that I do not repeat the same mistakes of the past. If you get stuck blaming yourself and regretting past actions, this could turn into depression and damage your self-esteem. Find a way to forgive yourself and let it go. (Psychology Today)

The act of impulse often misguides us and fosters regrets. It serves no one but the thoughtless and prideful to foolishly rush into situations without thought and meditation with God. Life is proving to be so much simpler by carefully considering the next steps I take in my journey.  I block out all the distractions of the world – social media, family, friends and peers – and I pray and wait for God to guide my next steps. My intuition is a powerful tool and has yet to fail me. I follow that intuition and gut feeling, and my discipline and obedience keep me focused and on the right path. With this mindset, I am able to live regret free.

So today’s inspiration is for all my Prosers to embrace their regrets, learn from them and make sincere efforts not to repeat past mistakes.  You cannot escape regrets, you can only learn from them.

~ Author Mara Prose

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  1. Andre Blaylock Avatar
    Andre Blaylock

    I like this. Great job!!!!

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