Death to you and me & all in between (A Mara Prose Poem)

This poem came about because of one person but it is directed at many.  Let’s never forget I am a perpetual evolution – don’t try to understand me, you will continually barely scratch the surface.  It’s all about empowerment now.  Love yourself first. Take no shit off of no one, no matter what.  Know your worth, demand respect FROM EVERYONE, always keep the highest value of yourself.  Never let them see you sweat, down, nor playing the victim.  Don’t let them break you and even if they do, get your ass right back up and into the game.  Your next move should be done in silence – always be an element of surprise.  Sit back and listen more because that will tell you who you are up against – people always tell on themselves.  Stay one step ahead of your enemy – always checkmating these fools.  Because at the end of the day, you are responsible for how the world perceives you, how they treat you and ultimately how well you maneuver in this game we call Life.” ~ Author Mara Prose

Death to you and me and all in between
Death to the civility
Death to respectability
Death to equitability
Go ahead and curve me, I won’t miss your presence
My vision no longer includes your essence
You are dead to me in all ways
Now I just say “oh yeah, he’s from back in the day”

You are a toxic, treacherous snake
Who only brings heartache
Hell, you better hope your heart is still up to the take
Why did it take me so long to catch you on the make?
Why was I so blind to the man that is not a keepsake?

Don’t look this way anymore
We have definitely settled the score
Our tab is paid in full
So stop with all the bull

Because see it is death to you and me and all in between
Don’t bring yourself to my door
Or you will prolong this war
Don’t speak to me ever again, don’t even mention my name
You are not my friend; just a pathetic man without peace within

I prayed for God to change my mind
I prayed for God to make me blind – to you and those like you
Not blind so I can’t see through you, blind to keep me from you
I didn’t know what He had planned would solve things by twos
God had his hand on our last night and I thank Him for giving me the strength to

It is simply death to you and me and all in between
I’ve cut off friends and family members for a lot less
I’d stop this mess if I were you, you have no idea
who you are really up against
This is a game of chess you don’t want to stress

You are a destructor of the worst kind because
you hit all your victims on their blindside
Then you want to play possum and celebrate
like we really lost something in a mate

The only thing I lost was an albatross
It’s a shame you still have so many fooled
It’s a shame you can’t stop playing the fool
Feels good to roll my eyes at your shenanigans
Feels good to stop panicking
But my only true regret is you have our offspring
in your tangled net but it won’t last
My blood flows through their veins too
My spirit has molded who they are too, boo

You used your last trump card that night
Now all you can do is act contrite
But no one wants to hear your side
So just suck up your pride and stop all the lies

You don’t really want her back do you?
That woman that you once knew
The woman without caution who squared up on you?

Too late
Just remember you created this monster
I would advise you to go far over yonder
Keep your distance, maintain your silence
Because you are now an aberration

Because it is death to you and me and all in between

~ Author Mara Prose


4 responses to “Death to you and me & all in between (A Mara Prose Poem)”

  1. Loved it doll!

  2. […] thank you all for being such great fans of Mara Prose.  My record breaking views for my poem “Death to You and Me and All in Between” let’s me know that you are eager for more of my work.  I hope this little tidbit helped you […]

  3. You really can write!!!!! Phelo The Great

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