Mara Prose Monday: Who is Mara Prose?


First, let’s start with some announcements for Mara Prose.

I have officially signed my first author who is a family member to Mara Prose Publishing.  We are in the development stage of her riveting story.  More details to come.

Mara Prose Monday will now be released at 7pm CST.  A lot of my followers have complained of missing my initial release of my blog posts because there is not a consistent schedule.  I humbly apologize to my Prosers and promise this schedule will be strictly adhered to from this day forward.

The Davenports trailer is coming next week!  We are hoping to have it ready for release for next week’s Mara Prose Monday.  Yay!

The Mara Prose Virtual Book Club on Facebook is currently reading The Weight of Lies by Emily Carpenter; it is not too late to join us.  We are accepting recommendations for romance novels to cast our votes for our next book selection in September (the romance genre).  We have reached a whopping 300 members and still have room for more.  Come join us, we would love to have you!

Who is Mara Prose?

I get this question a lot, so I felt it was time to really explain what Mara Prose stands for and how I wish for my brand to be represented.

This is one of the main reasons I started my blog.  I have always been the friend to come to if you just need someone to uplift you, empathize and inspire you to be a better person.  I decided I wanted to share this with more than my circle.  I decided I wanted to share this with the world.

Mara Prose was birthed through an awakening period where I discovered my calling was to write.  I had a voice and I wanted to share it with the masses.  Life can beat us all down at times and Lord knows I have been through my share of tribulations.  If I can share my lessons learned and prevent someone from experiencing hardship, then my brand has served its purpose.

This is new to my motto.  I decided I not only needed to inspire, I needed to empower my Prosers.  I need to start supplying the resources to help those who feel lost, alone and hopeless.  I have been there, done that and I want to empower my Prosers to pull through whatever life throws at them just the way I have.

I will soon start specifically addressing depression which is something very personal to me as I have battled it all my life.  Without the right knowledge and resources, this is a matter that can spiral out of control quickly.   I want my blog to not only be an inspiration but I want it to be a comfort to those who need just that extra bit of encouragement to forge ahead in life.

A Topic for All Occasions

This blog is designed to be a ‘Go To’ for whatever mood suits my readers.  If you need a laugh, read Dating Tales.  If you are mourning lost love, read some of my poems.  If you need some tough love, read Friday Frankness.  And of course, if you just need plain ole, simple inspiration – read Mara Prose Mondays!

The Davenports have been a part of my daily thoughts for the past 16 years and it is so very rewarding to finally have their story down on paper; ready to share with the masses.  Therefore, if you just want to read good fiction, I can happily supply that through not only my blog but my upcoming novels.  I am definitely a jack of all trades but mostly I want to not only write away my troubles and fears, I want you to escape your own demons through my work.

I sincerely thank you all for being such great fans of Mara Prose.  My record breaking views for my poem “Death to You and Me and All in Between” let’s me know that you are eager for more of my work.  I hope this little tidbit helped you understand who Mara Prose is and where she plans to go.

Until next time,

~Author Mara Prose

One response to “Mara Prose Monday: Who is Mara Prose?”

  1. Wow Mara! I’m so happy I got caught up with you! You are doing so many exciting things.

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