Author Mara Prose vs Nate Campbell: The Battle Royale for Feminism

On Saturday, October 14th, 2017, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Experience the Galaxxy with Nate Campbell.  It was my first time being live on air.  I went back and watched bits and pieces of the videos and there is a lot I missed because I had a hard time hearing.  However, thankfully I am a blogger and can redeem myself.

5141b1839f3c8484cf510750044366f7--boxing-gloves-tattoo-boxing-tattoos Round One Goes To Nate
We started our discussion with healthcare.  Nate and his co-host John feel passionately about the current state of healthcare.  I wasn’t truly prepared for this discussion, but I cannot disagree with either one of them.   Before I officially went live, John made a good point that the executive order President Trump signed into office last week, scraping critical healthcare subsidies will have a negative impact on already sky high premiums.  The further discussion of this topic can be saved for the debut of Prosey’s Podcast with Mara Prose & Nicky W.!

5141b1839f3c8484cf510750044366f7--boxing-gloves-tattoo-boxing-tattoos Round Two Is A Tie
The Boy Scouts, a 107-year-old organization, announced  last Wednesday that young girls will be allowed to join Cub Scouts and that older girls will be eligible to earn the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.  “The historic decision comes after years of receiving requests from families and girls,” Boy Scouts of America said in a statement.  The BSA said the expansion will help busy families consolidate programs for their children.  On Wednesday, the Girl Scouts responded to the this announcement without a direct reference to the Boy Scouts.  “The need for female leadership has never been clearer or more urgent than it is today — and only Girl Scouts has the expertise to give girls and young women the tools they need for success,” Girl Scouts USA said.

Boy Scouts to allow girls to join

Nate and I agree there is no need for this consolidation.  The Girls Scouts can gain recognition on their own merits without merging with an all boys club.  While I understand the points that have been made in various articles justifying this incorporation.


5141b1839f3c8484cf510750044366f7--boxing-gloves-tattoo-boxing-tattoos Round Three Mara Prose Dominates
Once we worked out the kinks and started to get into more of a rhythm of discussion, Nate was finally able to get to know the real Mara Prose and some of my stances on Feminism.  I do not believe that the feminist movement has caused backlash on the black male from the black female.  I believe the movement has been incorrectly utilized at times, even resulting in some regression (can we say Slut Walk) but for the most part it has been very necessary for women’s equality in a male dominated world.  While race plays a major factor in all topics across the board, my purpose was to relay the message and bring a voice to our plights that they should not be downplayed or belittled.  In my opinion, as a feminist it is my job to empower, encourage and educate other females to progress in a system that was not built for them.  It is a misconception in my opinion that feminists are out to bash men, we simply want our fair share of the pie.  I believe if we worked together as opposed to against one another, these type of movements could give way to even bigger issues facing our country.
Overall, I believe Nate and I agree, it is not about who wins or loses, it is about beginning the necessary conversations to heal and progress.  We both wanted to start a dialogue that we hope was received and its purpose understood.
I truly want to thank Nate Campbell for allowing me to be a part of his show that deals with the uncomfortable topics many shy away from and fail to address.  Will there be a rematch, you ask?  I am game if he is, lol!  You can check out the entire discussion here via
Until next time,
Mara Prose


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