Hello Prosers,

I hope this once again finds you safe, well, and sheltered in place.  This week, I am keeping it very simple with some brief updates.

I am very proud to announce that my social media presence is under new management, courtesy of my beautiful daughter, Niyah.  She will be flexing her marketing skills on her momma’s platforms in preparation for her future career aspirations, while her brother will continue to act as a research analyst for all of my current books in development.  #keepingitinthefamily

I also have finally been given an exact date of when my book links will go live for The Davenports: Crescendo from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  However, I will not be disclosing the date since the world continues to remain uncertain due to covid-19 and I do not want to be disappointed, nor disappoint my readers.  But rest assured, it is not too much longer before you will be able to continue with the series!!

I am officially contracted to write for two new movie projects, and those details will be forthcoming as I am allowed to release them.  Regrettably, I am no longer affiliated with the Warlock movie as the project has gone in a new direction, with a new name, director, etc.  Mara Prose will, however, continue to show support for the new direction of that project and has nothing but love and well wishes for the entire team at Texas Ego Films.

Last but not least, please check out the rebroadcasts of a couple of interviews I conducted.   
Today at 1 pm EST, listen to my very first Mara Prose interview with “On The Grind with Rhonda Supreme” on FreeAgentRadio. Download the #FreeAgentRadio App or listen online at www.freeagentradio.com & www.power102jamz.com.

Also, check out my interview with Matt Kerr on The Working Experience via ITunes, Spotify, and Anchor!

Spotify Link: CLICK HERE

Until next time,

Mara Prose

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