THE MARA PROSE PODCAST – PROSEY’S CORNER: “Why can’t we just talk about it?” with Author/Relationship Coach Elam. B King

It was hard to choose which interview I would remaster and release since we have so many great episodes with my friend, counselor, and relationship advisor, Elam B. King. Elam began his career in telecom sales with a Marketing degree from Hampton University and two MBAs. After achieving a high level of success in his career, Elam decided to leave the corporate arena and branch out into public speaking and network marketing. To learn his new craft, Elam conducted a lot of research, and the more he read, the more he understood who he was as a man.

It was at this point in his soul-searching that led him to write his classic book, Understanding a Man: Empowering Women with Tools for Lasting Relationships. The success of his book led to an overwhelming amount of requests for speaking engagements at various events across the United States. Elam remains committed to improving our communities by improving and strengthening the family unit. In this episode, we explore how to begin to improve our communication skills so that we build lasting relationships. We definitely look forward to having Elam back on the show one day soon. Enjoy!

Until next time,

Mara Prose

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