Mara Prose chats with Rachel Roberts, The Currency Coach “Learning to Flow”

“Currency is Energy. How It Flows Is Determined by You!”
Meet The Currency Coach

“As an Industry Leader and Developer, I’ve never started a business with the sole purpose to make money; but always with the mindset to make a difference” – Rachel Roberts.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Rachel Roberts started her 20-year career in Healthcare Administration and Project Management before finding her true purpose in consulting and educating individuals on their quest for financial freedom, economic empowerment, and generational wealth.  A self-described fitness and financial enthusiast, she has a definitive passion for educating communities and helping people realize their dreams of business ownership.

This passion led her to establish Traveling Traders 365, an educational platform focusing on the skillset of currency and crypto trading and investing via the foreign exchange (Forex) market.  This company was birthed out of her personal experience to ensure that every community, family, and the individual develops, builds, and acquires generational wealth legacies. Alongside this initiative, she founded The Currency Consulting Group LLC, which focuses on self, spiritual, and business development via the Mind-Body-Currency Connection 

She illustrates how to literally grow your business from within as everything starts with your own internal (seed) growth.  Using the concept of nature vs. nurture, she encourages her students to go beyond the external systemic façade of business building and focus on growing business organically, focusing on the internal seed (self) to produce and connect abundance in Mind, Body, and Currency. 

I hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it with Rachel!

Until next time,

Mara Prose

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