Sometimes you just have to let go…

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Lately, I have been making more of an effort to study the word and discern when the Lord is trying to tell me something and the direction He wants me to take. No easy task mind you but I remain faithful. We all struggle in our walk with God but if we remain immersed in the word, it can bring us all clarity.

I went to see Joyce Meyer speak at Lakewood Church this past Friday. As usual, this woman’s preaching always hits home with me. I loved watching my daughter dance to the music and take notes during the sermon. It means she is walking with God and following in my footsteps. The sermon was about motives and asking ourselves why we do things. It was about not doing things with the wrong intentions and when we do good deeds, not broadcasting them for all the world to see in order to obtain validation.

This sermon made me analyze my actions and ask myself some hard questions. I had to re-evaluate my purpose and look within myself to come to the realization that I need to do some things very differently. I think we all can attest to wanting to present a good image of ourselves but what really counts is what image is presented to God. We cannot continue to hold on to ideals that no longer fit our life or the direction that God wants us to take. In order to determine your path, you must have an intimate relationship with God. I for one, plan to focus on this relationship and in doing so I am already beginning to obtain clarity about issues in my life.

We all know the saying “Sometimes you have to let go and let God” and nothing can be more true than that statement. Everyday you should be petitioning God for guidance and asking him to guide your motives. We need to let go of the ideals, values, goals and cookie cutter mentalities of this world and let God. We need to let go of our unrealistic expectations about life and let God. We need to let go of those relationships that are unhealthy for us, bring no value, no return of comfort, peace and happiness and let God bring the right people into our lives. We need to let go of the expectation that our husbands, wives and significant others are there to fill a void and let God fill that void. We need to let go of chasing money and let God meet our needs.

Irregardless of whether you believe in God or not, this is applicable for everyone. Our motives define us and our sacrifices demonstrate our character. If you cannot let go of the things of this world for a higher purpose, there is no way you can expect to be at peace with yourself.

Let go and let God! ~ Mara Prose

One response to “Sometimes you just have to let go…”

  1. So very true… Living for our God and not for ourselves is what it is all about…Let it go and Let God!! Amen!

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